Friday, 12 July 2013

Do you have any idea what's the other local name for the rainy season?

Besides hurricane season (been there, made an unfortunate joke about that)... Indoor season. That's it. Need I say more?!

People tell me it actually is surprisingly mild, but I just arrived from a really wet spring and was hoping for a warm summer. I took the wrong plane!

Of course back home, folks think I'm running around in my bikini, drinking umbrella cocktails and splashing in the pool 24/7.

Now for another interesting fact (and the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question): when does the rainy season ends? December. You heard me. Five. More. Months.

I do need an umbrella. But not one made out of paper.

And I could have a drink or four. Just keep the darn parasol and let the gin flow.

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